A comfort letter for you

There are times when we need that warm hug from someone we love but then you know that there is no possible way to feel it right at that moment. This letter might help you in such situations. Keep reading!

Someone wrapping a warm blanket around you while watching the pouring rain outside your window.

A hand-written letter that reminds you of your best memories.

Your puppy snuggling its way in-between your arms to keep you warm on an ice-cold night.

A stranger stopping you to remind you that you are beautiful.

Someone holding your finger while crossing busy roads without them realizing.

Coffee just coffee.

Your comfort movie, caramel popcorn, and moonlight through the shades.

Calming pair of eyes, and soothing voice of someone while they are expressing their love for you.

and finally you, the love that you have for yourself that makes you try a new day without giving up on yourself.

One of the depressive episodes

A year ago today, I was motivated, driven, ambitious, and strong. Strength being subjective, for me, it was my solace. I was at peace. I felt lucky to sleep in harmony while the entire world around me was burning to ashes. I got inspired by everything around me. I was optimistic and full of hope.

But today, at this very moment, I don’t feel it anymore.

Every day I sit at my desk, with my fingers wrapped around a pen, staring at the clear pages of my notebook. They stare back, wanting me to slip a drop of ink on them, but I fail to do that simple favor. I fail horribly. Some days, miraculously, I write a few words but never share them with anyone. I have become overly self-critical, but I’m working on it.

I do not know what it is. I don’t know whether I lost it somewhere along the way or if it’s wandering towards a different destination. I don’t even know if the “it” exists, but I feel the emptiness. A void that seems like the deep ends of the hazy ocean.

What If ..

The longer I waited, the bigger the barrier became.
Life is always going to be uncertain,
so might as well take the risk
by doing the things that we want.
Even if it doesn’t come out the best,
it can always be improved.

An Abstract Inequality

Red, blue, yellow, and green

the colors that are ought to be seen.

Then there is black and white

creating a difference between the dull and the bright.

The white, however pure it may seem

there is always a stain to bear.

The black, however strong it may seem

there is always a feeling of despair.

Who decided that one should be better than the other?

Just to be sure

No, I’m not talking just about the colors anymore.

Ever considered asking “why”? – I did

I did, I saw, and I smiled.

Now, that is why I am here

To share the hidden and to sing the unspoken.

Sun in the night sky.

Late at night
wanting to scream
about the magic I witnessed
amidst the mess, deep inside the gravel
to be dumb, after seeing
the impossible becoming real
there I stood realizing
how it feels
to be a sun in the night sky.
Not real;
Never seen;
Cannot be understood.

Withering love

It’s four o’clock on a Sunday afternoon in November.
I sat beside my window, kept ajar just to glare at the empty road with mounds and potholes. The road was coved with dried leaves spread sparingly.
Leaves from the same tree, littering one by one – no more, no less.
I couldn’t help but notice how much it resembled my feelings for you.
Withering little by little. Just like that.
Whenever I felt the hurt.